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1. WorkPlace Big Five Profile 4.0

A premiere instrument that uses the five-factor model of personality to simply, clearly, and straight-forwardly explain the work-related behaviors that all of us observe, hear, read, or experience every day in our co-workers, employees, managers, and colleagues.  The information is presented on five Supertraits and 23 Subtraits  A variety of reports are available to help you improve performance and effectiveness at work, as well as gain a deeper insight into yourself and your career aspirations. 

2. VIA Character Strengths 

The VIA Interpretive Report (VIR) provides detailed description of the 24 character strengths in top down order.  Numeric scores on all the character strengths are included, as well as suggestions for ways to develop them.  Special features include

  • Core Virtues:  a listing and definition of six virtues which are part of the VIA Classification and have been found to be universal across cultures and nations

  • The Virtue Graph showing the balance of your strengths in the virtue categories

  • The Circumplex Graph showing where your strengths lie on the head/heart and self/other continuum

3. MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) 

Using the MBTI, the classic personality assessment to gain insights into personal preferences, we have developed a unique “lens” approach to understanding self and others.

  • Personal Lens: Identifies individual type preferences on four continuum
  • Function Lens: Examines communication style and preferences
  • Dynamic Lens: Explores how an individual handles stress
  • Attitude Lens: Reviews individual needs in a climate of high change
  • Temperament Lens: Explores personal motivation and leadership style
  • Team Lens: Examines the team’s preferences and performance The assessment can be used for individuals and for teams.