Watercolor by Michael P. Pitek, III

Watercolor by Michael P. Pitek, III


"I fully recommend Michael Pitek to anyone seriously interested in tapping into their unharnessed potential.  I met Michael at a point in my life where I had recently come out of divorce and in the middle of a difficult career transition.  I was recovering from burn out and not sure where I wanted to go, only certain I needed to turn away from where I had been.  Through Michael's caring support as a coach and expert guidance as a teacher, I began to uncover where my passions lie and reveal hidden strengths.  I emerged from the experience revitalized and incredibly optimistic about my future.  This was not just a feel good experience either.  I also received a new job offer, after successful networking built from my increased self-esteem and deeper appreciation of what I have to offer.  Michael expertly helped me see the path I wanted to take and helped me take solid steps towards my dreams."

Michael Glees
Contracting and Agreements Office
US Agency for International Development


“Michael Pitek is an outstanding resource to leaders and teams who are interested in creating a culture that encourages sustainable innovation. He has a unique ability to work effectively with leaders and teams at all levels in the organization to drive innovative thinking to create new business ideas as well as ways to drive profitability in new and different ways.”

George J. Zimmerman
ZA Consulting Group


"I've had the pleasure of engaging Michael's services on several occassions over the past 3 years to deliver team building programs, 360's, and individual coaching and development plans. Michael has a unique ability to bring people together, to carefully listen and foster critical dialogue amongst team members. He will help you create a dynamic organization that will challenge boundaries.”

Graham Leary
Vice-President Strategic Sourcing
Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc.


“I have known and worked with Michael Pitek for 24 years in my role as Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer for Rich Products Corporation, a $2.5 billion privately-owned company based in Buffalo, N.Y. 

When Rich’s first launched its Mission and Values, Michael was engaged to help us embed a deep understanding and commitment to these Values worldwide. Michael facilitated dozens of sessions with our Steering Teams (Leadership Teams) at both our North American and International facilities.  Michael leveraged his intricate understanding of our organization and its leadership to plan sessions that the participants found energizing and memorable.  Michael’s understanding of various cultural differences enabled him to adapt each session to the unique needs of the audience. He was a true partner in this roll out effort.” 

Maureen O. Hurley
Executive Vice President and CAO
Rich Products Corporation


“I utilized the services of Michael to help us with innovation and creativity three times, once at FMC in the biopolymer space, another at Allied Signal, now Honeywell in the Fluorine Products Group, and the third at JM Huber in the Silica business.

Even though the technologies are unrelated Michael was able to add value in each and every case. The programs that Michael has created are relevant and timely, and he has the ability to modify them to the needs of the culture of the organization that he is dealing with, and be very effective.

I would highly recommend Michael and his company to anyone considering their services with regard to creating or enhancing a culture of creativity and innovation.”

Bob Wedinger
President and CEO


"I have had the opportunity to work with Michael on three different initiatives since 2000. This last project I directly hired him and as always he brought so much to the project. He took our original idea and built on it so we ended up with a complete process. He did an outstanding job in helping people get out of their boxes and be able to tell compelling stories filled with emotional content, something quite different for a group of scientists. I would highly recommend him to others."

Catherine Walchak 
Director: Technology, Sensory and Consumer Insights 


"The training was facilitated by Michael Pitek, who is very energetic and animated.  His enthusiasm is hard to match as well as contagious.  He laid down the ground rules firmly at the very beginning but managed to make the training a fun and enjoyable experience for participants."

Eugene Quayson
Deputy Country Representative
Catholic Relief Services Nigeria Program


"Michael is the best, he has changed my life.  He helped with this training to get me to think of my personal development.  He made me see myself as a leader, a star and a winner.  The week was worth it.  Thank you!"

Anonymous Participant 
Leadership Development & Change Management Training
Catholic Relief Services Nigeria Program


“Michael did some developmental work for me and my team at Winn-Dixie.  Michael is reliable, knowledgeable and has great energy and is focused on getting results. He did numerous team building and coaching exercises with my team and has done a great job.  I highly recommend him.”     

Sheila C. Reinken
Vice-President and Treasurer
Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc.


“Michael has facilitated a strategic planning dialogue among the members of the Career Services Team at the State University of New York at Buffalo.  He designed a process that effectively engaged all parties in the design of a Mission, Vision and Values framework for the organization.  He challenged us to be creative and open and to fully engage in creating our future.  Thank you Michael for creating and managing an effective process that achieved great results!”

Arlene Kaukus
Director, Career Services
State University of New York at Buffalo


“Michael worked with me and my direct and indirect reports on building a high performance team. He is a superb consultant and business coach. He has impeccable timing -- knows just when and how to challenge, mentor and support. He evidenced a mastery of his subject matter and is flexible as well as creative in his approach. I recommend him highly.”

Coaching Client


“Michael is a super-dynamic, outcomes-oriented, creative presenter and problem-solver. He and his company were hired by a previous employer to conduct staff professional development and team-building sessions that offered great insights to participants and great tools for problem-solving back in our departments.”

Robert C. Barends
Email Marketing and Web Coordinator
Roswell Park Cancer Institute