Watercolor by Michael P. Pitek, III

Watercolor by Michael P. Pitek, III

Speaking Engagements

A variety of topics can be customized for your audience.  The length of the speaking engagement can span from thirty minutes to several hours, if need be. These can be delivered as key notes to open or close your conferences/meetings or as special highlights of your gathering. 

A general list of topics follow:  please contact us for more details on any topic listed or to discuss an idea that you have that we haven’t mentioned.


  “P.L.A.Y.:  Jumpstart Your Creativity”

  “Thinking with Both Sides of Your Brain”

  “The Creative C.O.R.E.”

  “Creativity and/or Innovation”


  “Fear and Public Speaking”

  “Speaking with Passion”

  “Are You an Impactful Leader?”

  “Communicating Congruently”


  “Emotional Intelligence:  What is it?”

  “Leading from Your Strengths”

  “Values and Leadership”

  “Creating Leadership Presence”


  “Re-framing How You Think”

  “Why Do Change Initiatives Fail?”

  “Appreciative Inquiry”

Realizing your Potential: 

  “Tapping into Peak Performance”

  “Creating a Life of Purpose”

  “Envisioning Your Future:  Realizing it Now”

  “What’s Behind ‘Happiness’?”

  “Positive Psychology:  The Basics”

  “Managing Your Stress”

  “Being in the Moment:  How To Do It”

  “Baby Boomers:  Going Beyond Retirement - What’s Next?”