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Teambuilding: Understanding Self & Others

Teambuilding sessions can be custom designed for your group and your needs.  Typically we use an assessment tool, either the WorkPlace Big Five Profile (WB5P) or the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), as a foundation for the teambuilding work the group does.  Experiential exercises are designed into the agenda to enhance adult learning and team dynamics.  The length of time devoted to teambuilding as well as the number of people involved will be discussed as a part of the pre-consult and design process.

 How to Motivate a Team

This one-day class explores techniques on how to motivate a team.  The foundation is built around understanding motivation as seen through Temperament and the ideas formulated by Kiersey.   Practical strategies are discussed as to how to implement in your own workplace.

Class size:  12-18 people
How to Build a Team

This two-day class explores what it takes to build and keep a team.  Content includes reviewing basic definitions of team vs group; importance of vision and mission;  the life cycle of teams; roles and behaviors; team style; norms; culture and climate.  Intervention models for group and individual conflict are presented.  Team DNA elements of trust, empowerment and communication are also covered.

Class size:  6-24 people

Designing & Running Teambuilding Exercises

This is a practical, experiential three-day course that focuses on how to design, run and debrief teambuilding exercises. Exercises are clustered around icebreakers and energizers, trust, communication, problem solving and collaboration.  Participants will also deliver an exercise that they design and debrief while be taped throughout the process.

Class size:  12-18 people 

Please contact us for more information on any of the programs listed above, or to discuss a customized learning program for unique needs you have in your organization.