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Leading & Influencing

Leveraging your EQ

This discovery session can be customized to last for a half-day to two full-days.  It will all depend on what objectives you articulate and how we customize the session, the course delves into EQ:  Emotional Intelligence. 

Participants will  gain insights about their emotional intelligence from five perspectives:  intrapersonal (self-regard, emotional self-awareness, assertiveness, independence, self-actualization); interpersonal (empathy, social responsibility and interpersonal relationship); stress management (stress tolerance and impulse control); adaptability (reality testing, flexibility and problem solving); and general mood (optimism and happiness). Applications to leadership are made by exploring the leadership orientations (people, process and organization) and the behavioral pillars of leadership (centered and grounded, action-taking, participative, and tough-minded).

Class size:  6-12 people       

Leading by Influencing
This two-day discovery  explores the elements of leading others to a point of view through an effective and influential interaction style.  Participants will gain an understanding of the social constructs of power, learn to listen, give and receive feedback, and build rapport.  Role-plays, videotaping, and active coaching are used for observation and learning.

Class size:  6-18 people

Leadership Presence
This three-day session explores the elements that a leader uses intentionally to create “presence.”  Using our background in theatre and acting techniques you will discover tools and techniques that enable you to:

  • Be in the moment:  focusing on the people and situations at hand
  • Develop expressive congruency:using all of your communication channels to express one message
  • Create intentional connectedness
  • Develop a greater sense of yourself and your abilities

Class size:  6-12 people

Stress Management
In this two-day course participants will learn how to build muscle in recognizing and warding off stressors.  Our approach is to coach participants to become “corporate athletes” and develop a variety of  tools and techniques that enable each person to manage periods of high stress by creating moments of recovery and balance.

Class size:  12-18 people

Facilitation Skills

This intensive five-day program explores all of the skills needed to successfully facilitate a group of people.  Specific areas covered include:  roles and responsibilities; the pre-consult; layout and design of room, agenda, program; communication skills; facilitation techniques; toolkit for problem identification, ideation, decision making and energizers.  Video taping is used throughout the course to enhance the learning process.

Class size:  10-12 people

Please contact us for more information on any of the programs listed above, or to discuss a customized learning program for unique needs you have in your organization.