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Creativity & Innovation

P.L.A.Y:  Unlock Your Creative Potential

This half-day session could be expanded to a longer timeframe, but it is intended to serve as an introductory discovery session that enables participants to unlock their creative potential.  Highly interactive and energized, four main areas enable both individual and group discovery.

  • P:    Pretend & Tell -- taps into the imagination
  • L:    Laugh -- opens you up to “receivership”
  • A:    Ask what if? -- enables you to see beyond the limits
  • Y:    Yes, and… -- increases your capacity to listen openly and fully

Class size:  10-200 people

Thinking Outside the Box:  Creativity & Innovation in the Workplace

This two-day course focuses on the re-discovery of personal creative potential and how that relates to corporate innovation.  The highly interactive class explores the archetypal roles of creativity and links current insights on left brain and right brain thinking.  Participants will learn about their own creative style, use tools to create critical and creative thinking, and exploit their creative core.  A sensorial approach enhances engagement on both the physical and mental levels.  The KAI, which focuses on identifying creative style, is administered and debriefed during this program.

Class size:  10-24 people

Storytelling for Consumer-Centric Product Innovation

This unique approach is used in a methodology to enhance the consumer-centric perspective in designing any type of product for the marketplace.  Using the art of storytelling as the central platform, this 4-6 day course (depending upon the number of participants or product teams involved) teaches the art of storytelling from an oral language perspective with concentration on the techniques of verbal and non-verbal language.  The storytellers develop a story around a product/problem/message and outside consumers are brought in as the audience.  Interactive facilitation occurs with the audience and insights are captured on tape and in print.  The methodology continues in the last days of the session that focus on “mining” the insights with an abstraction tool that results in identifying deep metaphors that are then applied to the product/problem/message in terms of formula, marketing and packaging.

Class size:  6-12 people

Ideation Sessions

Special ideation sessions can be custom-designed to meet your needs whether it relates to product, process or organizational needs (such as mission, vision, values).  The scope, content, and duration of such sessions will be determined as an outcome of our mutual collaboration and planning.

Please contact us for more information on any of the programs listed above, or to discuss a customized learning program for unique needs you have in your organization.