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Communication Skills

Presentation Skills I
This three-day course focuses on developing a level of mastery in the arena of public speaking.  The course is unique in its highly charged, professional coaching environment from day one.  Participants will develop skills in verbal and non-verbal communication.  Additionally, they will explore how movement adds or detracts from the real message of the communication. Tutorials and coached practice sessions are aimed at creating clarity of message, positively positioning the speaker, and building skills and confidence in the speaker.  Videotaping and active coaching is a constant throughout the course.

Class size limited to 10 people

Presentation Skills II
This two-day course builds upon the skills developed in Presentation Skills I.    Through the use of videotaping and interactive coaching, the participants learn to deal with the fear of public speaking by exploring a variety of techniques.  The course also focuses on the fundamentals of presenting through the connection to storytelling.   Presentation Skills I is a pre-requisite.

Class size limited to 10 people

Giving & Receiving Feedback
This one-day course focuses on developing leaders’ Listening Skills, and Giving and Receiving Feedback technique.  Most people are poor listeners so we focus on developing the listening actions of really hearing, fully interpreting, evaluating and then responding.  The SBI method is used in learning how to properly give and receive feedback.  Videotaping is used to enhance the learning experience.

Class size:  6-12 people

Dealing with Difficult People

This two-day course builds upon the listening and feedback techniques taught in Giving and Receiving Feedback, but goes beyond these skills and identifies patterns of behavioral style.  Exploring the dimensions of assertiveness and responsiveness, participants learn strategies to deal with the negativity that results when these behavioral styles go askew.  Ten different types of difficult persons are identified.  Exercises on how to handle each type are conducted and role plays are explored and coached.

Class size:  10-14 people

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